Group photo of the founders of Revo Garage: Fabio Hayoz, Dominic Krainer, Simon Andrey and Loris Gross

Four young entrepreneurs with a big goal

Fundamentally revo-lutionize the automotive industry.

Fabio and Loris, as well as Simon and Dominic, have been working on their own digital solutions until mid-2022.

But both binoms had the same vision - to revo-lutionize the automotive industry.

With ideas that we personally collected and a clear goal, we sought out the garages and elicited their weak points. It quickly became clear that most of the garages' problems had to do with their software solutions or that individual processes were simply no longer up to date.

Since mid-2022, we have now been walking the path together with Revo Garage and pursuing a great vision:


Fundamentally revo-lutionize the automotive industry.

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