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The overview of our functions

all with the aim of simplifying the daily work of a garage.

Vehicle detection


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Vehicle sales


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Fleet Management


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Collection forms the basis of Revo Garage. The intuitive vehicle collection enables the creation of a digital twin of each vehicle. The vehicles captured in the Collection are accessible to all other Revo Garage modules.
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Digital twin

enables the creation of a digital twin for each vehicle, providing a comprehensive and centralized view of all vehicles on the shop floor.

One time capture

Access to all captured vehicles for all other Revo Garage modules, enabling seamless integration and efficient workflows.

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Archiving and history

Vehicles that have been recorded once can be archived and reactivated as needed.

Increased efficiency:

The Collection module optimizes and automates vehicle-related processes, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.


With BID we accelerate your sales to car dealers. While up to now you could rely on a handful of dealers from your network, with BID we open the digital market for the B2B used car trade. With just a few clicks, you can publish your vehicle in the auction via the COLLECTION module.
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B2B auction platform

The platform replaces the manual process of contacting dealers and streamlines the process of buying and selling vehicles.

Greater range

Dealers can sell their vehicles to a broader audience and reach all brand dealers, rather than being limited to a few local dealers.

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Simple bidding

Brand representatives and dealers can bid on vehicles from other brand dealers and easily find vehicles to buy.

No restrictions

Dealers can expand their reach and buy vehicles from all brand dealers, regardless of previous business relationships.


In the P&E module, everything revolves around the simplification of processes related to the test and replacement vehicles. The scanning of the driver's license, the issuing of a replacement vehicle or the search for a bus culprit. With P&E you keep track of your vehicle fleet.
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Simple fleet management

Keep track of trial and replacement vehicles.

Fast data acquisition

Capture the driver's data using OCR scan of the driver's license.

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Improved tracking

Improved accountability by being able to track who was driving the vehicles. For example, for finding out who caused a fine.

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience through an efficient and simple vehicle exchange process.