The digital future in the automotive industry starts today

Why Revo?

The decisive factor for our mission was the increasing burden of inefficient activities in the processes that occur in addition to the diagnoses and repairs to the vehicles. In particular, the introduction of digital solutions, instead of the hoped-for facilitation and increase in productivity, usually results in additional work in the day-to-day work of the garages. Our goal is not to replace your existing systems (some of which work very well). Instead, we link your applications and develop new functionality only where it really makes sense.

Revo homescreen

Mobile first

Combined with accessibility, we guarantee that they will be able to use all of Revo's features without restriction on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

User in focus

Our goal is no less than to meet all the needs of the stakeholders of an automotive company and externally affected.

Interfaces to existing systems

Many companies already have mature systems in a wide variety of areas. Here we build bridges in the form of interfaces and extend your existing solutions with the functions of Revo.

Revo homescreen

Constant expansion

Our promise is continuous development. Revo is not a platform that evolves marginally. Rather, we constantly strive to add new features that will make your life easier. If new, elementary innovations come along, they will be structured in modules so that you can keep track of them.


Revo does not require any IT infrastructure in the classical sense. We make the platform available on all devices that have Internet access.